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Our London Tours are the ideal way to explore the city and provide a fantastic introduction to the main attractions and most famous sights. Choose to spend a full day sightseeing, or enjoy a Highlight Tour of all the best bits London has to offer in half a day.
Our Expert Guides have so much to share about the history of London so you'll never miss out on those exciting historical facts. Staying fully-charged and connected with friends and family along the way is also easy as all of our cars come with free Wi-Fi and USB charging onboard as standard.

Our fleet of vehicles include Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S-Class and Mercedes V-Class, and can be hired for a wide range of purposes. All of our cars are immaculately maintained inside and out and beautifully presented, so whether you’re travelling alone or in company – for business or pleasure – you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Royal Windsor Castle

(Minimum 4 hours)
Tour Chauffeur Royal Windsor Castle

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in Windsor with professional guide in a private chauffeured vehicle as you explore a town steeped in centuries of royal heritage and tradition. Plus, visit Windsor Castle; ancestral home of the British royal family and the largest, continuously occupied castle in the world.

Located within 13 acres, and boasting over an impressive 1,000 rooms, the Castle consists of three distinct sections known as the Middle Ward, the Upper Ward and the Lower Ward. The Upper Ward houses the State Apartments on the north side, with the private rooms of the Royal Family to the south side.

Experience spectacular St George’s Chapel, a beautiful place of worship, burial place for ten monarchs including Henry VIII and The Queen Mother, and the setting for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Also depending on the day and time of your visit, you might be lucky to witness the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle. The ceremony sees the guards marching through Windsor town and into the castle for the guard change.

(Minimum 8 hours)
Tour Chauffeur Hampton Court & Royal Windsor Castle

Visit two of the UK’s most beautiful and historic royal homes, Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, on this fantastic full-day private chauffeured experience. Learn all about their history with professional guide, who will bring the history of these two royal residences to life.

Over a thousand years of British royal history await you at Windsor Castle; ancestral home of the British royal family and the largest, continuously occupied castle in the world. A favoured weekend residence of Her Majesty, your expert guide will delve into the story of this historic castle and bring its fascinating history to life.

Inside the State Apartments, reputed to be the grandest in all of England, you’ll have a chance to explore the same rooms used by members of the royal family. Discover the history behind the rooms, each more richly decorated than the last and adorned with items from the Royal Collection – the world’s most extensive private art collection.

At Hampton Court Palace, you’ll immerse yourself in the world and former residence of one of England’s most famous kings, Henry VIII, and his many wives. Uncover the history of this historic Tudor Palace, with its magnificent buildings, world-famous gardens, priceless art collection and magnificent State Apartments.

Windsor Castle (or Hampton Court), Stonehenge & Bath

(Minimum 11 hours)
Tour Chauffeur Windsor Castle (or Hampton Court), Stonehenge & Bath

During this full-day private chauffeured experience, over 900 years of royal history are waiting to be discovered. Visit the home of the British monarchy, where you will see the splendid State Apartments and site of the most famous royal wedding of recent times. Visit the ancient Neolithic site at Stonehenge and attempt to uncover the mystery behind its construction before heading off to wander the streets of the beautiful Georgian city of Bath; a city so beautiful it is the only one in the UK listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Step back 5,000 years in time to prehistoric Britain as our guide helps bring the history of this fascinating monument to life. Who built Stonehenge? Why was it built? Discover the answer to these questions and the monument’s fascinating link to the Summer and Winter solstice. Come face-to-face with a 5,500-year-old man and visit the world-class exhibition centre, with 250 ancient objects on display.

Lastly, you will visit the historic city of Bath, originally built as a place of well-being and relaxation by the Romans when they first arrived in Britain. Home to Britain’s only natural thermal hot springs, Bath is a delightful city where the ancient meets the contemporary world. Travel through thousands of years of history in one city and marvel at its unique honey-coloured Georgian architecture.

(Minimum 10 hours)
Tour Chauffeur Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral & Dover

Journey into the heart of the English countryside as we visit the county of Kent, also known as the ‘Garden of England’ due to its lush rolling green hills, beautiful scenery and historic buildings. Visit the stunning Leeds Castle, the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site at Canterbury Cathedral and see the spectacular White Cliffs of Dover.

Often referred to as The Loveliest Castle in The World, Leeds Castle has played many roles in its nearly 900-year history. From a Norman stronghold to a magnificent royal palace, the castle today has been converted by subsequent owners into an idyllic countryside retreat.

Founded by St Augustine in 600 AD, the Cathedral today is one of the most excellent examples of Gothic architecture in England.

A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Canterbury Cathedral is both a serene place of holiness and beautiful tourist destination. As the Cathedral of the Archbishop, the spiritual leader of the Church of England, Canterbury holds a special place in English history.

In Dover we will have a view of the famous White Cliffs. Soaring 350 ft above the crashing waves of the English Channel, the White Cliffs of Dover are an instantly recognisable landmark of Britain. From Caesar to Shakespeare, some of history’s most important figures recognised the towering symbolism of the cliffs.

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Oxford

(Minimum 11 hours)
Tour Chauffeur Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Oxford

Windsor has been the home of Kings and Queens for centuries. Wander its cobbled streets and visit it’s castle – the longest-occupied Castle by any British Monarch.

Unravel the mystery behind Stonehenge and its construction more than 5,000 years ago and visit the world’s largest occupied castle – home of the English and British monarchy for more than 900 years and official residence of Her Majesty The Queen.

Plus, discover a real gem that is the beautiful English city of Oxford, home to the world-famous university and incredible architecture dating back to Saxon times.

The origins of Oxford University can be traced back to the 11th century, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Throughout the city, elegant stone spires and domes rise up into the city skyline from medieval stone buildings. Little surprise, then, that this beautiful city has provided the backdrop for countless movie and TV series, including Harry Potter.

This is the only place in the country where you’ll find buildings from every period in English history, which is what makes Oxford so unique.

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